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Why the Rotovac StairPro?

Due to the condensed traffic pattern, stair steps can be the most challenging part of a carpet to clean. Cleaning stairs with a hand tool is both strenuous and time consuming, often producing less than desirable results. The new Rotovac StairPro offers a great solution to this age old problem.


The Rotovac StairPro allows the operator to stand in a comfortable upright position while cleaning stairs. The StairPro’s patented Rotary Extraction Head is guaranteed to clean better, faster and easier than any manual stair tool. The StairPro is also great for cleaning other tough spots such as wax, gum, paint, traffic lanes or any other area which requires magnified cleaning power.


The StairPro’s seven inch diameter stainless steel rotary cleaning head has three vacuum extraction slots and three spray jets. The cleaning head rotates at 250 R.P.M to produce 750 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute. This aggressive cleaning action restores heavily soiled matted stair steps with ease.

Rotovac 360 Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine
  • Weighs Only 24lbs
  • Works With Any Portable Extractor Or Truck Mount Extractor
  • Adjustable Handle Angle
  • High Torque 7" Cleaning Head
  • Ideal For Stair & Spot Cleaning
  • Cleans Better And Leaves The Carpet Much Drier
  • Restores Heavily Soiled Carpet With Ease
  • Great For Gum, Wax, or any other Tough Stain Removal